What’s all the fuss about Charcoal Toothpaste?

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Its no mystery that charcoal is effectively used in many health and beauty products around the world. We’ve teamed up with the Natural Teeth Whitening Co to bring you the facts:

How it works.

Activated charcoal is a strong absorbent, by using it on the surface of your teeth it pulls the toxins and removes them, then with some gentle rinsing your mouth is back to its norm and left feeling smooth and clean.


Who should use activated charcoal?

While charcoal is a very effective way to whitening and brighten your smile, its advised that it will not work on everyone.



Like any cleaning method depending on the seriousness of the stain depends on the treatment. Natural Teeth Whitening Co., activated charcoal works to remove everyday staining from things like smoking, drinking liquids such as coffee and foods that easily stain. However some of us will have long term staining caused by aging and well naturally yellow discolouration, which in this case while Natural Teeth Whitening Co, activated charcoal will bring down the discolouration it will not make your teeth completely pearly white.

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