Ten New Make-Up Tips You NEED to Know

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We’re not trying to make you jealous or anything but we were invited to a very exclusive Dr.Hauschka training last week and all our staff attended to learn about the award winning brand’s latest products and we also got some top make up tips from renowned international make- up artist – Karim Sattar. So, the doors of the Shelbourne hotel opened and we were greeted by glasses of champagne and canapés. Then we were shown to our seats which had a goodie bag placed on it. We rooted immediately! We got foundation, night serum samples, the deluxe rose body wash, the beauty book for 2016 and lots more! Talk about a treat!


So thats the bragging done, now down to business. Here are the top tips we picked up:

1. Forget your primer and make-up setting spray and use one of the Dr.Hauscha toners over and under your make up for budge free, long lasting results that gives a HD finish.

2. For extra coverage, pop on a light layer of powder under your liquid foundation. Yes, you heard that right under.  Then add every second layer as necessary.

3. If going for a natural look, try using the same pink eyeshadow on your eyes, lips and cheeks! Trust us on this one, you will love the result!

4. Want to look 5 years younger? Use only brown mascara on your lower lashes.

5. Stop using so many brushes. Get one good one and use it all over for shadow, highlighter, concealing and contouring.

6. To set your eye make up without wetting it too much, separate a piece of tissue and place one sheet over the face and spray Dr.Hauschka toner over it.

7. Be seasonal with your skincare. Don’t be afraid to swap that reliable daytime moisturiser for a lighter one in the summer and a heavier one in the winter.

8. Don’t think that you need to apply a thick layer to get great coverage, one pea sized blob of Dr.Hauschka foundation goes a long way.

9. To adjust the tone of your foundation throughout the year, add a little moisturiser or concealer.

10.To get the perfect smokey eye look in 5 minutes, apply a layer of eyeliner to your bottom lashes then work it up into the crease of your top lid and blend accordingly.


We may have gotten a goodie bag, and we’re not sharing.. However, our staff will be happy to advise on the latest products, give the best advice and help choose the best product for you in-store.

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