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We’re hearing about Matcha from everywhere these days but, I hear you say, what exactly is this mysterious tea and why is it so amazing?!

I’ve been an avid Matcha drinker for about 15 years now and even as I’m writing this my little frothy cup of green wonder is sitting beside me keeping me alert, energised and focused. So, rather than delving into the impressive array of tempting benefits from detoxification, metabolism boosting, mood enhancing and on and on, I’ll give you my story.

During the journey to understanding my own health I came across this little known tea that was steeped in tradition and seeming mythical powers that I just had to know more. I was captured by the care in how it was grown and produced. To think that a culture learned to keep a young green tea leaf under shade in order to focus all the nutrients in the top leaves and then carefully grind it to preserve the goodness was incredible to me. It was nowhere to be found in Ireland so I ordered my first tin from the USA at a price that would make your eyes water!

By the time it arrived I had immersed myself in the Asian tea-ceremony traditions and saw the beauty in mindful preparation of every cup. I carefully placed the bright green powder in a wide based cup, adjusted the water temperature as required, poured a little, whisked a little, poured some more, carefully whisked some more and then sat on the ground drinking with two hands and enjoying the presence and stillness. I felt a wonderful connection with a long tradition that spoke to my heart but, like many well intentioned life changes, that process lasted about two weeks!!

Once I realised that I do not have the mindful consistency of a Buddhist monk, but that I absolutely loved Matcha tea, I adjusted my preparations back more in line with the equally beautiful (but faster) Irish tea-making tradition.

For me, Matcha was a revelation but it took a little getting used to. I already liked green tea so I was one step ahead. I felt energised and clear but without the coffee jitters or crash. I knew what I was drinking was clean and unprocessed and that it was going to be part of my life for a very long time.

Even though I’ve become faster at it, every time I make my Matcha tea I still take a short pause to be still, connect and appreciate. In the hectic world that we live in today, those pauses have become a very important part of my day.




NUA Naturals Matcha range was created to give you a little more.

Not everybody likes green tea so we’ve blended them with some delicious superfoods to give you a little extra. Simply take a moment, make yourself a cup, and enjoy the stillness.

This post was written by Niall Fennell. Co-Owner. NUA Naturals.

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