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Prevention is better than cure.

We host the best selection of products to help boost your immune system naturally.
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Here are our top 10 tips to help you fight that flu:

TIP 1.

Eat a rainbow of vegetables every day. Each different colour provides a unique set of vitamins and minerals.
So, brighten up that plate!

TIP 2.

Our body cannot store vitamin C so top it up during the cold & flu season to stay at the optimum level.



TIP 3.

Manuka honey is naturally medicinal and contains both anti bacterial & antiviral properties. Make yourself a cup of hot water & lemon and add a big spoon

TIP 4.

Zinc is thought to shorten the length of the common cold.
Why not try these tasty zinc logenges on a full stomach and keep them in your pocket?


TIP 5.

Keep it clean!

Bring some hand sanitiser everywhere you go and spritz it regularly.

TIP 6.

Drink more!

Skip the caffine and load yourself with herbal teas & water. Grab yourself a keep cup

and re-usable water bottle and stay hydrated

TIP 7.

Eat Right
Let’s eat something conforting. Soup is nutritious & delicious. Try this delicious recipe from Elsa Jones Nutrition.



TIP 8.


Get out there for a brisk walk and open the

windows regulary & breathe deeply. This helps

your body move protective immune cells

around the body.

TIP 9.

Take time to sleep.

When your body is resting, it magically repairs itself and builds up your immune sleep. Ensure you schedule allows 8 hours to rest. If you have trouble sleeping, try some of these herbal aids. There’s also a video there with expert tips.

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