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Little bit lost when it comes to a skin care routine? Today we talk to the wonderful Christina, manager of our Newbridge store about her Beauty basics, what she uses when and how much.

Christina Says;

Every day I see new products on the market and to say I get confused is an understatement.  I mean in this day and age how much time do we really have in-between work, family and life!

Skincare is all about getting the basics right, so what are the basics?????

Cleanser, Washes away the daily impurities and removes build up on skin.

Toner, removes last traces of makeup and closes the pores

Moisturiser, Boosts skins hydration, provides protective layer of moisture on skin

Serum/Oil, booster product for skin with more concentrate ingredients

SPF, provides protection against skin damage and premature aging from the sun

Eye cream, gentle hydration and smooths appearance of fine lines

Exfoliation, removes dead/dry skin cells, increases skins circulation

Mask, skin treatment to hydrate, remove impurities, excess oils and improve skins appearance

So when do I use these products?

Daily routine:

Cleanse, tone, moisturiser, SPF and eye cream

Night time routine:

Cleanse, tone, serum/oil, eye cream


Exfoliator and mask

How much do I need to use?

Cleanser: size of a water bottle cap

Toner: enough to dampen a cotton pad

Moisturiser: size of a blueberry

Serum/oil: size of a coffee bean

Eye cream: size of a grain of rice

Exfoliator: size of an almond

Mask: size of a small strawberry

One of my current favourite brands is Sukin, available at The Health Store, it’s skincare that doesn’t cost the earth.  It’s all certified organic, 100% vegan and sulphate and paraben free.  In my beauty basics I have the Cream cleanser, mist toner, eye serum, rosehip oil, hydrating day cream, revitalising facial scrub and the hydrating mask.

These are my essentials, in beauty, get the basics right and let your inner goddess glow!

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