Gluten Sensitivity

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Gluten Sensitivity

By Nutritionist and CNM Graduate Adrienne Donaghy for the College of Naturopathic Medicine.




Gluten sensitivity – what’s it all about? Wheat sensitivity is becoming a more common term as there are more components in wheat than just gluten that people can become sensitive to.

Gluten sensitivity is a condition where the symptoms manifest themselves either inside or outside of the intestines so therefore it is much harder to diagnose.

Sensitivities to any type of food can take minutes, hours or even a couple of days to manifest itself in the body so that is why it can be very difficult to pinpoint exactly where your symptoms are coming from. Symptoms of gluten/wheat sensitivity can include itching, sneezing, bloating, cramping or even headaches.

Gluten sensitivity is gaining more attention and research is ongoing.

A study from The American Journal of Pathology July, 2015 suggests that the rapid rise in Coeliac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity over the last 50 years may be due to environmental factors as well. One of these factors being intestinal microbiota alterations which simply means that our good gut bacteria is becoming more out of balance allowing the bad bacteria to flourish.  Changes in wheat over the years due to chemical exposures, GMOs and harvesting methods may also be playing a part in the increase.



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