Colour Your Hair Naturally with Henna

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Let’s talk about Henna, the latest hair craze taking over.

What we like:

  • It’s vegan
  • It is organic
  • PPD & Paraben Free
  • No Ammonia/Peroxide
  • Doesn’t have that chemical smell that most hair dyes do
  • Easy to apply
  • Great, natural looking results

Its been featured in IMAGE magazine and Woman’s way and many more so we talked to Surya to find out more.

henna hair colour information


How does Surya henna differ from other at home hair colour products on the market?
Surya Brasil’s natural colour formulations are natural and vegan and our Henna Powders are 100% vegetal and chemical-free. The formulation is an innovative blend of Indian henna and Brazilian botanicals. Conventional hair colouring products contain PPD and parabens, which can cause irritation and sensitivity. Surya Henna Creams and Powders do not contain PPD and Parabens.

Our henna does not contain ammonia or peroxide either which is used in traditional colouring products to open the hair cuticle and facilitate synthetic dye penetration. Peroxide is one of the greatest free-radical producing agents to remove natural colour and replace it with an artificial one. When used, it can be damaging to the hair and health. One of the best things about our natural henna colour is that it may be used on hair processed with perms, straightening systems and used on top of chemical colour.

Surya Henna Creams and Powders are healthy, eco-friendly, natural and safe to use. They do NOT contain ammonia, formaldehyde, resorcinol, parabens, genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), phthalates, animal testing, mercury, gluten, mineral oils, salts, heavy metals or volatile organic compounds.

What is the difference between the henna powder and the henna cream?
The colour in Surya Henna Powder is a plant based formation (100% natural). The powder has to be mixed with water. On the other hand, Surya Henna Cream comes ready to use and the colour results from the action of pigments enriched with the organic extract of 15 herbs and plants used to treat and condition hair. Henna Powders are 100% plant-based and contain Amla, an Indian fruit rich in vitamin C, Shikakai, native to India, the word means “fruit for the hair” and is an excellent cleanser that supports hair growth; Terminalia Belerica which functions as an astringent and bactericide and Indigo which is known for it’s colouring properties

What are the benefits of using Surya Henna?

Guaranteed to cover grey and white hair while acting as an intense conditioning treatment that adds shine from scalp to hair-ends.They offer 100% grey and white coverage with incredibly rich tones in shimmering, translucent shades. Colour is evenly distributed and henna is extremely nourishing. Our henna formulations are mild and pleasant to the senses.


Should I apply Surya Henna Creams and Powders to dry or damp hair?
Our henna should be applied to damp hair that is clean and free of styling product build-up. It is recommended that you shampoo before applying our henna colours. For best results, do not shampoo immediately after colouring.

Can I use Surya Henna if I have allergies?

Yes. Surya Brasil contains NO PPD, which is the most popular ingredient to cause irritation and allergic reactions. However, we always recommend a sensitivity test first.

8. May I use Surya Henna colouring either before or after a chemical process?
Our hair colouring products are compatible with most chemical processes and may even be used on the same day. However, to assure the desired result, a test should be performed by applying a small amount of the product to a strand of hair following the directions on the instruction sheet inside the package. According to tests performed by the well-reputed Instituto de Bioengenharia da Pele Evic Brasil (Evic Brasil Institute of Skin Bioengineering), Surya Henna Cream may be used after straightening, relaxing and hot brush which are formulated with Guanidine, Ammonia Thioglycolate or Sodium Hydroxide.

Can I use Surya Henna Cream if I have used chemical colour before? Will Surya Henna Cream Lighten my hair colour?
Yes you can, but do a strand test before applying henna on hair that has been bleached with ammonia. Remember, Surya henna won’t lighten hair.



How do I know which colour is best for me?

Surya Henna Creams have a range of 15 different colours — one of them could will be just right for you. Choose a tone similar to your natural colour or go with a new bolder brighter colour. It’s up to you.

How much hair does one box cover?

It depends upon the length and thickness of your hair. Typically a full, thick head of long hair, hair down to your mid-back would require two –four boxes of Surya Henna Powder and one to one and a half bottles of Surya Henna Cream. Our henna cream is easy to apply and covers grey well. If you’re worried, buy multiples – both products keep extremely well so you can use one bottle and start on the second, and then save the leftover colour in a dark, dry place for the next time.

Will it cover my grey hair?

Yes, Surya Henna Creams and Powders were specifically designed to cover grey hair. If you have a higher percentage of grey (50%) or more, you may have to keep our henna on longer and apply more often.

How do we use it?

Here’s a quick video.

How often do I have to use it?

Depending on how often you wash your hair and what you are washing your hair with (traditional brands will strip hair of colour because they may contain sodium lauryl / laureth sulfate). We recommend you shampoo with Surya

Brasil Colour Fixation Shampoo and Conditioner. Surya Henna Creams will typically last for seven to 12 shampoos and Surya Henna Powders for 20- 30 shampoos.


Shop Surya products here. Happy hair colouring! 🙂


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