Chia – The Super Seed That Works With Everything

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What is Chia?

Chia is the highest known vegetarian source of Omega 3 and there has been much research into the importance of Omega 3 in keeping your heart healthy. Chia is also packed full of protein, fibre, antioxidants and many vitamins and minerals that are essential for a balanced diet and healthy heart, body and mind. Many people have been able to lower their cholesterol levels by simply adding chia seeds to their diets.

The Facts:

The highest quality chia seeds are always black or white in colour, never brown. The brown seeds you often see are immature and don’t have the high levels of Omega 3 in them.

How to use Chia:

1. Egg Replacement

Many people suffer from egg intolerance or choose not to eat it.  Chia is a simple and nutritious way to replace eggs in traditional recipes.

Chia is hydrophilic and absorbs 9-10 times its weight when soaked in water – this in turn creates a gel which can be used to bind your ingredients together. As chia is relatively tasteless it will not affect the flavour of your baked goods. Chia can be cooked/baked up to 200 degrees before it affects the nutritional value of the seed. To use chia as an egg substitute – combine 1 tablespoon of Chia bia seeds (whole or milled) with 3  tablespoons of water (per egg required) allow 10 – 15 minutes to gel, use in your baking mixture and bake as normal.

2. Breakfast

Chia pudding is extremely popular. To make just put 1/3 chia seeds, 2/3 water. We usually add a couple of spoons of coconut yoghurt and leave over night. In the morning, mix in your favourite toppings and be prepared for a great start to the day!

3. Water Enhancer

Chia is often added to water bottles for a quick and simple nutritional boost!

4. Toppings

You will commonly see chia topped cakes, salads and pancakes, though you wont notice much of a difference in taste.

5. Everything Else

You can put chia in anything from smoothies to porridge!


Try it for yourself with this recipe:


Chia Bia Pancake Recipe



Chia, Apple & Cinnamon Pancakes

Serves 2 people


• Milled Chia, Apple & Cinnamon – 2 tbsp

• Eggs – 2

• Ground Almonds – 1 tbsp

• Buckwheat Flour – 1.5 tbsp

• Almond Milk – 2 tbsp

• Honey/Agave – 1 heaped tsp

• Salt – pinch

• Bread Soda – ¼ tsp

• Coconut Oil for frying

How to make:

  1. Whisk the eggs until light and airy, this step is important to follow to ensure the pancakes rise – put some elbow grease into it!
  1. Add almond milk, honey and whisk again to mix.
  1. Sieve the dry ingredients – be careful with bread soda as more than ¼ tsp will leave an after taste so get out your measuring spoon!
  1. Fold in the dry ingredients to the egg mix.
  1. Put a knob of coconut oil on to a non-stick pan.  Add 2 tbsp of pancake batter – make a circular shape. Cook for approx. 4 mins on each side until golden.
  1. Serve with a dollop of natural yoghurt or sprinkle of icing sugar and whatever fruits are your tipple!


Recipe and facts provided by Chia Bia.

Chia Bia Apple & Cinnamon is available in the Health Store outlets for a limited time only.  Chia Bia is on special offer this month in-store and online. 

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