Beauty Products – What, When & How Much?

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Little bit lost when it comes to a skin care routine? Today we talk to the wonderful Christina, manager of our Newbridge store about her Beauty basics, what she uses when and how much. Christina Says; Every day I see new products on the market and to say I get confused is an understatement.  I…

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Summer Beauty Ingredient Check: What you need for better skin, hair & nails.

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It’s hot out there and our skins a little dryer, our hair is fluffy & frizzy and our nails have been bonked off the BBQ a few too many times. Rather than tell you to drink more water, eat more vegetables etc, we caught up with Catherine Mulcahy, creator of Your Beauty Tonic to discuss the top…

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Make your own Tea Medicinal

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   Make your tea medicinal   Nothing beats a hot drink during cold Irish weather. Before you sit down to your traditional cup of tea, consider herbal alternatives, which offer some wonderful health benefits. Here are a few favourites to try: Ginger Tea Primary herb for the reproductive and digestive system. It is a great…

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