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Gluten Sensitivity By Nutritionist and CNM Graduate Adrienne Donaghy for the College of Naturopathic Medicine.       Gluten sensitivity – what’s it all about? Wheat sensitivity is becoming a more common term as there are more components in wheat than just gluten that people can become sensitive to. Gluten sensitivity is a condition where…

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Hayfever & Allergies

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  Natural tips to help those nasty Allergies!! Supplements that may help include the following : fish oils these will help aid inflammation of the mucus membranes and ease symtoms. Boost your immunity with the likes of Vit C  and quercitin which contain anti-histamines. Take a probiotic supplement to help build a healthy gut and strengthen…

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Natural Energy & Metabolism Boosters

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    Boost your energy levels with these handy little tips from Elsa Jones Food –  Apple Cider Vinegar , green tea ….. add spices to your food that have a thermogenic effect on your body like chilli, ginger and cayenne pepper!!  Supplements  – GNC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR CAPSULES   and Gnc green tea capsules…

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